Why Hire a Doula?


There are many reasons to choose a doula for your birth. There have been several scientific studies performed around the world that prove how doulas can:

  • Reduce the usage and requests for epidural and other pain relief
  • Reduce the need for forceps or vacuum assisted delivery
  • Reduce the rate of cesarean delivery
  • Increase satisfaction of the birth experience

Postpartum effects can also be noticed:

  • Higher success of breastfeeding
  • Better mother-infant interaction
  • Lower incidence of postpartum depression and anxiety


A doula is an invaluable resource, even if you are not a first-time mom. Lingering feelings and emotions from a prior birth can have an affect on future births and a woman’s mental health overall. Having a new experience that is joyous can be very┬átherapeutic.



© 2014 by Nicki Lantz, CLC   Akron Birth Doula and Certified Lactation Counselor