Other Sources of Support

Although labor support can, and often is, provided by a loved one or family member, there are some notable differences in the care provided by such a person and a doula.

Adapted from A Thinking Woman’s Guide to a Better Birth by Henci Goer:

Comparison Between Labor Support From a Female Relative or Friend and a Doula
Female Relative or Friend Doula
She knows you and your partner well. Ties of affection make you comfortable with her in the intimacy of labor and birth She knows you, but the fact that you have no ongoing relationship means you don’t have to perform for her or worry about what she might think of you.
She may have beliefs and experiences with labor that color her behavior and bias her advice. While caring, she is likely to be more objective.
She has no special training or experience, but she may not need it. The most effective component of doula care is loving touch. She knows about labor, techniques to promote good progress, and comfort measures. She can help facilitate communication between you and your caregivers. She, too, provides a loving touch.
She costs nothing, but you have no authority over her. She charges for her services, but her responsibility is to please you.



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